Sustainable Transformation of the Danube Region and the Future of the Bioeconomy-based Competitiveness

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Target group
SMEs, Cluster managers, Business Support Organisations and Research Institutions
Danube Region Priority Area 8 “Competitiveness of Enterprises”
National Cluster Association–CZ (NCA)
BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH (BIOPRO)
Zuzana Polova (NCA)
Phone: +420 773 032 220
email: polova(at)

Dr. Dominik Patzelt (BIOPRO)
Phone: +49 (0)711 218185 45
email: patzelt(at)
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Final Conference of the DanuBioValNet project and Danube Competitiveness in Practice Event


  • Transformation is the natural ability of some species of bacteria to take up free DNA from their surroundings through their cell wall. In genetic engineering, transformation denotes a process which is often used to introduce recombinant plasmids in E. coli, for example. This is a modified version of natural transformation.
  • Biomolecules which can bind active agents are called targets. They can be receptors, enzymes or ion channels. If agent and target interact with each other the term agent-target-specific effect is used. The identification of targets is very important in biomedical and pharmaceutical research because a specific interaction can help to understand basic biomolecular processes. This is essential to identify new points of application.

INTERREG Danube Transnational Programme - DanuBioValNet project and the EU Strategy for the Danube Region Priority Area 8 “Competitiveness of Enterprises” invite you to the Joint Conference “Sustainable Transformation of the Danube Region and the Future of the Bioeconomy-based Competitiveness”.

The event is devoted to the future of competitiveness of the Danube Region in times of regional transformation, role of clusters, bioeconomic transformation and multi-level impact of the DanuBioValNet project. It brings together interested cluster and bioeconomy experts, policy makers, academia and companies (SMEs) and transfers the knowledge and good practice regarding the competitiveness and bioeconomic transformation of the Danube Region.

Day 1 – Competitive Transformation

The first day focuses on the future of competitiveness of the Danube Region in times of regional transformation. It highlights the future role of regions in terms of providing better framework conditions for innovation and transformation. The interplay between national and regional level as well as the role of clusters to support SMEs to better cope with the upcoming challenges will be discussed.

Day 2 – Bioeconomic Transformation

The transition from a fossil-based to a circular-bio-based industry addresses some of the main challenges identified in the Danube Region. If implemented in a holistic way, this transition can contribute to achievement the climate change targets and will support regional development through diversification of the regional economies. The establishment of new bio-based value chains from primary production to consumer markets needs to be done by connecting enterprises from different regions and industries. The second day highlights the impacts of the DanuBioValNet project. By design, the project followes a multi-level stakeholder approach (Policy makers – Business Support Organisations – SMEs – Higher Education and Research).

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