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Alsace BioValley and BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg host their 15th Meet & Match event on the topic computer- and robot-aided surgery on 25th of June 2018 at IRCAD in Strasbourg. The event focuses on current trends, technologies and instrumentation in computer- and robot-aided surgery as well as on imaging and virtual & augmented reality in the operating room. Furthermore the topics simulation and training for surgeons will be discussed. Register now and meet company representatives and project leaders from the healthcare industry as well as academic researchers from both sides of the Rhine – France (Grand Est region) and Germany (Baden-Württemberg).

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Multidrug-resistant bacteria are resistant to many existing antibiotics and can be difficult to treat. There are increasing numbers of them worldwide. Although novel antibiotics are being developed, there are far too few of them to tackle the rise of multidrug-resistant bacteria. In Eastern Europe, doctors have been treating bacterial infections with viruses that infect bacteria, so-called bacteriophages, for almost 100 years.

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Stroke units save lives because specialist treatment is absolutely crucial for stroke patients. However, not all clinics have neurological specialists available 24/7, so telemedicine provides a good solution to the problem. Studies show that telemedical consultations can considerably improve the treatment of stroke patients.

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Sustainably cultivating arable land, ensuring good harvests, milking cows, paperwork - farmers are barely coping with their heavy daily workload. High-tech agricultural machinery and automated solutions help save time and resources. By contributing to shaping progress, agricultural businesses of all sizes can gain economic and ecological benefits.

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The environmental footprint of petroleum-based plastic products does not look good. Alternatives for plastic production involving renewable raw materials are now being sought. Wood is experiencing a renaissance. Prof. Dr. Marie-Pierre Laborie, who holds the Chair of Forest Biomaterials at the University of Freiburg, and her team are researching the potential use of lignin, the natural glue in wood.

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